Shark Piss

Shark Piss

Yep, Shark Piss.  I brewed this blonde ale in the spring to fill the need for a mild, easy drinking summer beer.  This was another small batch since I knew I wouldn’t drink 5 gallons of this.  It was a fine beer, just not interesting enough to keep me coming back to it to make a large batch worthwhile.  Plus, this batch was nice and cheap.  I used Zythos hops since I had  bunch at the time thanks to my friend Ted.  This was mostly just a beer to have on hand for the BMC crowd to have if they wanted to try a homebrew.  It served that purpose pretty well.  I had intended on adding a quarter pound of carapils that I thought I had, so I did not buy any.  Turns out I didn’t have the carapils, so this beer was all base malt.

The brew day was pretty uneventful as I recall.  I overshot my OG by a few points, but not too badly.  I kept the fermentation temps as low as I could using frozen water bottles and a cooler.  I don’t think the beer got above the low 60’s, which is good since I wanted as clean a yeast profile as possible.

Here’s the recipe:

Shark Piss:

OG: 1.048                                            FG:  1.009

ABV: 5%                                              Color: 3.8 SRM

IBU: 20


3lbs 2-Row pale malt

1lb Vienna malt

.13lb acidulated malt

I mashed at 150 for 60 minutes.


.13oz Zythos for 60 minutes

.25 Zythos for 15

,13oz Zythos at flameout

I used Nottingham Ale yeast fermented in the low 60’s.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance:  This beer poured a straw gold color with a thin white head.  The beer was very clear, more than you can tell from the above picture.  It looked like a typical light American lager.

Aroma:  This beer didn’t have much in this department.  The Zythos hops gave a faint citrus aroma, and I could get a bready aroma from the malt.

Taste:  This beer had a light crisp bitterness that was refreshing.  The hop flavor was very subtle citrus fruit.  The malt was light and cracker like.  The flavor was pretty light all in all, which is ok.  This was supposed to be an easy drinking lawnmower beer, and that’s how it turned out.

Mouthfeel:  Light and crisp.  Not much body, the recipe could have used carapils here.

Overall:  Not a bad summer beer.  I’m not too crazy about the profile Nottingham gives, If I was to make this again I think I’d go with S-05.  To be honest though, I doubt this beer will make a reappearance.  Since brewing this beer I got a fridge and temp controller.  I’d much rather have a good Munich Helles or Pilsner on a hot summer day if I’m not going for something bursting with American hops.

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