Voodoo Rookin Phantom

Vooddoo in glass

VooDoo Rookin Phantom

I got the name for this beer from an especially stupid episode of Shark Week.  The Rookin is a legendary Bull Shark in Louisiana I guess, and I figured it was a fun name and I had been drawing a blank on what to call this one.  This was a 4 gallon batch of beer that I used my 5 gallon glass carboy for.  I had been wanting to brew a coffee stout for a while now and now was as good a time as any.  Back in my extract days in 2012, I brewed a Imperial Stout flavored with chocolate and coffee.  It was good, but the coffee didn’t come through enough to really call it a coffee beer.

I knew I had to brew another coffee beer, and I tried a beer by a local brewery called Solemn Oath in Naperville, IL.  The beer was called Most Important Beverage of the Day.  It was a coffee milk stout with sweet orange peel.  The beer was great, and had some really nice coffee flavor in addition to gread body, and a bit of hop punch.

I wasn’t looking to clone this beer, but I wanted to get something similar.  I loved the way the milk stout was a nice sweet base for the bitter roast coffee notes, so I decided to go with a milk stout base.  I had a bit of Zythos and Citra hops on hand so I used those to get a nice citrus hop presence.  I used an ounce of coffee per gallon of beer.  I bought some Starbucks French Roast, and took 4 oz of ground coffee and cold steeped it in a quart of water overnight in the fridge.

The brew day was the day after I brewed my DIPA, White Death.  I again brewed at night in my garage.  I took it a bit easier with my beer consumption, and was very careful with my measurements.  I mashed in at 154 for an hour.  The brew day was really smooth and I hit all my numbers.  My OG was right on the money at 1.071.

I let the beer sit in the primary for 3 weeks.  I cold brewed the coffee the night before bottling.  The coffee was poured in the bottling bucket through a strainer, and added to the priming mixture in the bucket.

Here’s the recipe:

Recipe: Voodoo Rookin
Asst Brewer: 
Style: American Stout
TYPE: All Grain
Taste: (30.0) 

Recipe Specifications
Boil Size: 5.72 gal
Post Boil Volume: 4.42 gal
Batch Size (fermenter): 4.00 gal   
Estimated OG: 1.071 SG
Estimated FG: 1.014
Estimated Color: 38.7 SRM
Estimated IBU: 49.8 IBUs
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Amt                   Name                                     Type          #        %/IBU         
7 lbs                 Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)           Grain         1        67.8 %        
1 lbs                 Oats, Flaked (1.0 SRM)                   Grain         2        9.7 %         
7.0 oz                Chocolate Malt (350.0 SRM)               Grain         3        4.3 %         
6.0 oz                Carafa Special III (Weyermann) (470.0 SR Grain         4        3.7 %         
6.0 oz                Crystal, Dark (Simpsons) (80.0 SRM)      Grain         5        3.7 %         
6.0 oz                Roasted Barley (Briess) (300.0 SRM)      Grain         6        3.7 %         
12.0 oz               Milk Sugar (Lactose) (0.0 SRM)           Sugar         7        7.3 %         
0.25 oz               Zythos [10.00 %] - Boil 60.0 min         Hop           8        10.9 IBUs     
1.50 oz               Citra [12.00 %] - Boil 15.0 min          Hop           9        38.9 IBUs     
0.75 oz               Orange Peel, Sweet (Boil 5.0 mins)       Spice         10       -             
2.00 oz               Citra [12.00 %] - Steep/Whirlpool  0.0 m Hop           11       0.0 IBUs      
4 oz               Coffee (Bottling 0.0 mins)               Flavor        13       -     
1 Package Safale US 05 American Ale yeast

Mash Schedule: Single Infusion, Full Body, Batch Sparge
Total Grain Weight: 10 lbs 5.1 oz
Name              Description                             Step Temperat Step Time     
Mash In           Add 11.96 qt of water at 165.9 F        154.0 F       60 min        

Tasting Notes:

My FG came in at 1.018, a bit higher than anticipated, but that’s OK.  The beer turned out great.

Appearance:  I poured the beer into a tulip glass as pictured at the top.  The beer poured a nice dark black color with a foamy tan head that faded fairly quickly.

Smell:  Big roasted coffee aroma hit me as soon as I poured the brew into the glass.  The coffee overshadows any hop or malt aroma, but that’s ok, I wanted this beer to be very coffee forward.  I couldn’t smell the orange peel at all.

Taste:  Nice big coffee taste is the fist thing that hits.  There’s a nice bitterness from the hops as well.  The lactose provides a very nice sweetness to balance the roast flavors from the coffee and dark malts.  There’s also some hints of chocolate.  No real citrus flavor from the hops or orange peel.

Mouthfeel:  I love the silky mouthfeel that the flaked oats provided this beer,  The beer has a nice creamy texture.  The beer has a medium light carbonation.

Overall:  I’m very pleased with the way this beer turned out.  I had high hopes going into the brew day, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the final product.  I’d probably scrap the orange peel next time, as anything it contributed was overshadowed by the coffee.  Other than that, there’s really nothing I’d change!

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