A note about my Recipes

I finally got caught up posting all my 2014 recipes that I’ve brewed this year.  The order I posted them was a bit all over the place, but they are listed in order brewed in the recipes section.  Beers brewed in the beginning of the year are towards the bottom, newer ones up top.

So, what about my older recipes?  I’ve been brewing beer for a few years now.  It was only towards the summer of last year where I brewed anything that I’d still be proud of if I made it now.  Some of those still contained extract, and I’ve moved to all grain so the recipe will change.  Anyway, There’s really only one beer from 2013 I plan on brewing again that I haven’t yet without a large overhaul, and that was my black rye IPA, Black December.  It’s one of my favorites.  As much as I dread winter rearing its ugly head again, at least I’ll get to brew that beer again, and with no extract this time.  So the point of all this is that I’m not going to bother posting any 2013 recipes that I made as Black December is the only beer making a return that I haven’t posted yet, and I’m sure as hell not posting any 2012 recipes.


Coming up in September, I hope to brew another batch of White Death, with some very minor improvements.  I plan on doing another batch of Doodle Face, which will see an overhaul of the malt bill and will go from an IPA to an APA.  I’ll have my Oktoberfest bottled in a few weeks, and should be opening my first bottle of Flood Waters, an improvement of a 2013 amber ale recipe.  After that we’ll see!  I plan on doing Black December and Hoppy Grinchmas, an Imperial Red, in November.  I may try and fit a small batch of something light and easy drinking in there somewhere, but that should complete my brewing for the rest of the year.



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