Introducing Riverlands Brewing Company!

I haven’t posted on here in a long time.  I’ve been holding off until I had a bit more concrete info.  It’s been a hell of a time since I last posted.  I’ve been working hard dialing in recipes, studying every resource on professional brewing and brewery management I could find, and organizing business plans with my co-investors.  Things are finally moving along, and moving along fast!

We’re in the process of negotiating our lease in St Charles, IL.  St Charles is a suburb of Chicago and part of the Tri-City area along the Fox River.  This city was a perfect spot for a brewery and has an already awesome local culture.  I’ll continue to post here as we come along.  I know there are a lot of homebrewers who want to take the plunge as well, so if anyone has any questions about how going from garage to brewhouse has gone feel free to ask!

Followers of this blog will see some familiar looking beers and hop combos.  The beginnings of several of our recipes have started right here and evolved over time.

Check out our pages below and follow along with us as we progress towards opening! We’re targeting sometime in spring 2018!

Our official brewery website –

Our Facebook page –

Our Twitter page –

Our Untappd Page –