Riverlands Has a Location!


If you ever find yourself near 1860 Dean Street Unit A in Saint Charles, IL then come in and say that you used to read about our beer back in the White Pointer days!  After a year of searching, we finally have our spot.  Its already been a crazy road, and really the journey is now just beginning.

From here, I need to order our equipment, finalize our build out plans with our architect, and begin the MOUNTAINS of paperwork to get our various licenses and approvals.  Still, I keep thinking about that first batch on the horizon, and I can’t wait.  I’m shooting for fall, but who knows.  Anyways, thanks to everyone who’s followed this from the start, and I’ll continue to post our progress!  If you haven’t yet, follow along in a more frequently updated way by following us on social media, and check out our website.