Other Blogs I Follow

Here are links to some other homebrew blogs I follow that I’ve found very informative.  I wanted to list these here as I’ve learned a lot from these blogs.

Homebrew blogs:

Meek Brewing Co.

Bertus Brewery

The Mad Fermentationist

Ales of the Riverwards

Fermented Ted

 Bear Flavored

World Tree Brewing 


Three Gods Brewing

5 thoughts on “Other Blogs I Follow

  1. Hello,

    I have been brewing BIAB with your method and have been getting good results. However, I am having trouble reaching higher OG’s. I mash at 150 for 60, do your version of a batch sparge for 15-20, but am getting nowhere near 1.070. My range is around 1.053-64… Any help would be great.


    • Hi Steven,
      First off thanks for reading! There are a few reasons that could be happening, but it sounds to me like an efficiency issue or something in your system.

      What kind of efficiency are you getting with your typical batch? If its around a consistent number then you know you just need to adjust your basemalt amounts to get you where you need to be. Mine will shift a bit depending on the OG I’m shooting for. If my OG is light, like 1.040 to 1.055 or so, I usually get 76 to 78%. If I’m doing a double IPA around 1.075, I know I won’t be getting more than 73% so I adjust my recipes accordingly. I’ve learned this after enough time brewing on my system. Another thing to look at it what kind of crush your getting. A finer crush will bump your efficiency up. Do you mill your own grains? If so, then with BIAB you can do a pretty fine crush. IF you mill at a LHBS you can ask them to adjust the mill a bit to get a finer crush, or you can even double mill the grains.

      Another thing to consider is your water volumes. Are you ending up with the right volume at the end of your boil? It took me a while before I dialed my system in with my brew software, which is beersmith. Until I played around with it to be more in line with my actual numbers, it was telling me to use more sparge water than I actually needed. I still always round down with my sparge volumes from what beersmith tells me based on my experience with my system. Sometimes for a really high gravity beer, you need a larger sparge volume to keep from dropping your efficiency too much, but then you need to boil 90 minutes or longer to compensate for that so you end up with the right volume.

      I hope that helps!


      • I have been using your grain bill volumes to brew. I use 4.5 gallons to mash and 5 gallons to sparge. The batch I just brewed came out to 5.5 gallons of wort, but had a 1.053 OG. It dropped to 1.014 in three days. This is about the average for me, as far as yeast getting about that low. Not sure what the efficiency would be on this. This grain bill was from your White Death v7.

        I have thought about adding more grains, but the weight of the bag is scaring me off a bit from that.


      • How are you getting you grains crushed? That seems like the more likely reason for lower gravity if your volumes are correct. If you crush your grains at home or at an LHBS, adjust the mill to acheive a finer crush. Remember, with BIAB you can basically crush the grains to almost being four since you don’t need the husks to act as a filter bed or worry about a stuck sparge.

        If you order your stuff online or your LHBS won’t adjust their mill request that your grains be run through the mill twice or “double crushed.”

        I’m thinking this should help you out. There are a couple other things that effect efficiency like mash Ph and thick vs thin mashes, but I’d try grain crush first


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